Sonder – the final album by Two Seconds To Midnight


Two Seconds To Midnight’s final chapter is coming to a close.

After 10 years together this is to be our farewell release. But do not let that fool you into thinking this is a somber, gentle bow out. Oh no. What we have created is our most dynamic recording to date. Going out with a whisper was never on the cards… With that said, we want to finish things proper with a vinyl release. Your contribution/pre-order will help us cover all the bases in making this a reality.

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Prison Edit

The songs on this record were all written within a two week period. We recorded all the basic tracking as a live band at Vinegar Hill Sound, a fantastic studio in Brooklyn. What attracted us to Vinegar Hill was the large ceilinged live room, amazing array of vintage gear and an importance of getting a really great ‘room’ sound. The live sessions were run and recorded by it’s owner Reed Black, who helped us capture the sound and feeling of what we all knew would be the last time playing in a room together.
From here on in we pretty much finished everything at our humble home studio. Added all the synths, multiple vocal tracks, extra guitars, etc and started to form and arrange the songs in some new and surprising ways.

Over the past few weeks we have been working (transatlantically) with Tony Doogan (of Mogwai and Belle and Sebastian fame) at Castle of Doom studio in Glasgow to finish mixing the songs. We are really excited with what he has helped us shape them into.

The next step after this is mastering, in which the album really gets polished and comes alive. We are thrilled to be working with grammy award winning mastering engineer Scott Hull at MasterDisk. The artwork will be assembled and a master vinyl will be made which will be used to press all the finished records that will end up in your hands.

We hope you enjoy taking this final little stroll with us!




Tartan 2014 One


Due to working on our record last year, we were unable to play a Tartan Day show. So we are more than making up for it this year!

Sat April 5th is Tartan Day in NYC, a celebration of all things Scottish. There is a parade full of bagpipes, tartan and west highland terriers. So go check that out. Then jump on the L train over to the gorgeous new venue Radio Bushwick (just a block from Jefferson stop).
It’s a nice early show so we can partake in the drinking of fine scotch and beers afterwards!
Some other really great bands playing too,

8pm – Two Seconds To Midnight
9pm – Dead Letters
10pm – Oceanographer
11pm – Spirit Kid

As always, the wearing of tartan (or plaid with purpose) is encouraged but never required.
Maybe I’ll bring along the blue and white facepaints for old times sake.
See ya there! Tell yer friends!


Event Invite: