Wallpapers preview

Here is the artwork for the first 2 TSTM wallpapers. They will be available soon for download from the site.

Artwork by Erik Jones




NYC Fontana’s show tomorrow night

Hello everyone,

Of late we have been busy toiling away on a bunch of new material to infest your ear holes with, the first two you can hear tomorrow night at a gathering in which we invite you to sway and drink a variety of beverages as you listen to us play our respective musical instruments in a somewhat organized manner…

105 Eldridge St (between broome and grand)
Sat Aug 7th

7pm – Hops
8pm – Two Seconds To Midnight

The cd version of Architecture will be available for you to get yer mitts on, featuring the beautiful art of Erik Jones…if you already downloaded the album, its worth pickin up the physical copy just for his art alone! And for the first 10 people to pick a copy up at the show, there will be a special treat from TSTM.HQ.

Also playing is the mighty Hops, lyrically leaping his way through an assortment of tunes from his forthcoming release Fight The City…you don’t wanna miss!

Say hello and we will probably say hello back…hell, we might even buy you a drink.

Til then….