Opt1m1sm on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire

We are thrilled and honored to announce that Opt1m1sm is going to be used by HBO for the worldwide promotional campaign for the second season of Boardwalk Empire. The first ‘tease’ for the show featuring the track will air this Sunday night around 8.50pm (US) right before the new season of True Blood. If you can’t tune in we will post the clip here from Monday onward.

The Delancey – Sat July 9th

Hey all. We will be playing a show at the Delancey on Saturday July 9th. We are excited to be playing with some really awesome bands so come check it out!
The Delancey –  168 Delancey St
Saturday July 9th, $5
8pm – Laurie Lehner
9pm – Vespertina
10pm – Two seconds to Midnight
11pm – El Jezel